Spotify announced a trio of new features at a special event in New York City earlier today. CEO and founder Daniel Ek noted that members praise the service when they know what they want to listen to but it falls short if people are looking for something new to add to their collection.

To address this, the music streaming outfit introduced a new Discovery section. This area will better help people find new music that they might be interested in based on songs that have been listened to or artists they follow. One example during the presentation showed a user listened to David Guetta and Skrillex. Based on this, Spotify suggested they try Avicii.

The new Collection feature allows members to bundle all of their music into a single space instead of having multiple playlists. Ek noted that a third of all playlists on Spotify are just albums that people have saved. He said the Collection view is all about making it easier for users to save music any way they want.

There’s also a new Follow feature that facilitates following friends or celebrities. Once you follow someone, the music they listen to and the playlists they build will show up in the aforementioned Discovery section.

The CEO said Follow is an amazing connection between artists and fans that hasn’t been possible before. The service will verify celebrities and public figures much like Twitter does by displaying a check mark on their profile page.

All of these new features will enter beta soon and should be available to users on all devices by early 2013.

In related news, Ek also confirmed that Spotify has five million paid members and more than 20 million monthly users. The service has double the number of paid subscribers they had a year ago. 20 percent of those paid users are in the US, he said.