Roccat has announced the availability of its latest gaming peripheral, the multi-color, macro-laden Isku FX keyboard. Expected to hit shelves later this week for $100 and Є100, the Isku touts in-house features including "Roccat Talk," "Roccat Talk FX" and "Easy Shift."

The first one is a protocol that allows compatible Roccat devices (currently just the Isku FX, Kone XTD and Kone Pure) to speak with each other, which makes it easier to coordinate in-game actions across your gear. For instance, you could set a keyboard hotkey to adjust your DPI instead of using the mouse's hardware toggle, which might reduce the time you spend fumbling around with your proverbial trigger finger and increase the odds of nailing your target.

Similarly, Talk FX allows Roccat's hardware to communicate with whatever you're playing, triggering light effects based on in-game events. The company notes that your device's lighting might pulse in red bursts if a fireball hits you or it could be configured to go green if you've been poisoned. Ambient effects and notifications can be set too. For example, the lighting might be blue as you're swimming and a certain color might appear as your base is under attack. As far as we can tell, Talk FX currently only works with World of Tanks.

Meanwhile, Easy Shift promises quick access to 180 macros (across five profiles) positioned in three spots around the WASD cluster. Among those keys are three doubly-programmable thumb buttons on the wrist rest. Macros can be configured on the fly with a hardware recording button or through Roccat's Macro Manager software.

Other features include eight configurable media keys that have over 25 assignable functions, anti-ghosting tech on at least part of the board, an integrated cable channel for improved wire organization and medium-height keys with an "optimum keystroke and pressure point" (no precise figures offered here). The Isku FX measures 9.72 x 20.03 inches (24.7 x 50.9cm) and is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8.