Samsung recently posted a teaser video on their YouTube page for an upcoming product that will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The video doesn't reveal anything particular but many believe we'll see the Korean electronics giant unveil the Galaxy S IV handset next month.

The description says something new is coming January 8-11, 2013 and to stay tuned to their YouTube channel to find out more. The idea that the Galaxy S IV could show up next month goes against rumors that we heard earlier this month that suggested the next generation handset would be announced around April 2013.

At this point it could really go either way. Samsung probably wants to hurry up and get another flagship phone out the door to compete with Apple's iPhone 5. But at the same time, despite the fact that CES is a huge trade show, sometimes companies prefer to wait until just before or just after the show to announce something big as they won't have to compete with other companies for media attention during CES week.

The International CES typically serves as a preview for products that we can expect to launch sometime later in the year. The trade show got its start way back in 1967 when it held events twice a year. The show switched to a once-a-year format in 1998 and moved to its permanent home in Las Vegas.

January 2012's show was attended by 153,000 industry professionals, setting an all time attendance record. Odds are that attendance would be much higher if the show was open to the general public but its current format only permits industry workers and media to attend.

If the teaser video isn't referencing the Galaxy S IV, there's still a chance we could see it spring up at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain come February. If that date comes and goes, then perhaps April will be the next date to circle on the calendar.