There used to be a time where one would only run the risk of contracting malware by installing questionable software on their computer. Those days are of course long behind us as it's now possible to pick up an infection simply by clicking the wrong link and visiting a booby trapped website.

Fortunately there are an increasing number of measures to protect web users, much like the agreement recently announced between Amsterdam-based Internet and mobile security provider AVG and search provider Yahoo. The two companies are calling it a Search and Distribution relationship but essentially, Yahoo will now use AVG Secure Search which is powered by their LinkScanner technology.

As the name implies, Secure Search is designed to warn surfers about potentially dangerous websites. The goal is to protect your personal information, identity and your computer in general.

It seems that the deal couldn't have come at a more critical time as Search Engine Land recently reported that infected search results jumped 80 percent since August as we're now in the thick of the holiday season. Some of the more popular holiday-related searches that led to malware include crafts for Christmas, Christmas office party games and Christmas scavenger list for adults.

AVG CEO JR Smith said his company was excited to team up with Yahoo to help provide Internet users with peace of mind when searching the web or accessing their favorite online properties. He noted that it was a shift from their previous strategy of entering into exclusive agreements. Yahoo representative Shashi Seth echoed those sentiments, adding that the search company is committed to providing a rich search experience and they believe the partnership will broaden their search footprint moving forward.