Wireless carriers tend to be among the worst when it comes to consumer friendliness. At least that has been my experience with four or five providers in three different countries – whether it's expensive data plans, restrictive and lengthy contracts, awful reception, or an utter disregard for customer satisfaction post-sale.

Case in point: I recently found out that the $19.99 per month unlimited data plan I signed up for two years ago had been demoted to 1GB per month. No explanations given.

While I prepare for a tedious and demoralizing back and forth with Telefonica-owned Movistar to get answers, let's make this the topic for our Weekend Open Forum.

Today we want to know: how much are you paying for mobile data and what would you consider fair price for an unlimited wireless data plan? We'd also like to hear who your wireless provider is and what's your experience with them so far.

Angry dude image via Shutterstock