Delphi has partnered with Verizon to unveil a new Bluetooth-enabled automotive accessory called Connected Car that allows users to track, monitor and control their vehicle remotely. The device connects to a vehicle's OBD2 port which is typically located behind the dashboard of vehicles built in 1996 or later and uses Verizon's CDMA data network to transmit information from the device to the owner's smartphone app or a web portal.

Car Connect is capable of monitoring engine temperature, fuel levels and interpreting error codes that could potentially trigger the check engine warning light. The device can also lock or unlock doors on certain model vehicles.

An embedded GPS chip allows the user to receive a warning if the vehicle exceeds certain speeds or if the engine RPMs go too high, things that protective parents might certainly be interested in. Furthermore, the car owner can set virtual boundaries for the car and receive notifications if the vehicle travels outside the predetermined limits.

Users can also track a vehicle in real time and see its progress on a map, things that would be extremely helpful in the event of a theft. A 911 speed dial function allows users to alert authorities in such an instance, we're told.

Pricing and a potential release date have not been revealed as of writing but we do know that users will be required to sign up for a two-year data connectivity service agreement with Verizon up front.