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Delphi, Verizon unveil Connected Car tracking and monitoring device

By Shawn Knight ยท 8 replies
Jan 7, 2013
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  1. Delphi has partnered with Verizon to unveil a new Bluetooth-enabled automotive accessory called Connected Car that allows users to track, monitor and control their vehicle remotely. The device connects to a vehicle's OBD2 port which is typically located behind the...

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  2. Littleczr

    Littleczr TS Addict Posts: 439   +85

    How much. I would be very interested if the price is right.
  3. If you're not trying to stalk family members I would recommend buying a cheap(~$30) bluetooth OBD2 adapter online and using a $5 app called torque on android. it can do just about everything mentioned in this article, as long as you're in the car.
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  4. Greg S

    Greg S TechSpot Staff Posts: 983   +422

    That's kind of defeating the point of having the GPS in it then if you have to be in the car to see where it is....

    This is outstanding because it is essentially low jack except you can track in real time.
  5. I bet you can't lock and unlock your car with that torque app...
  6. Camikazi

    Camikazi TS Evangelist Posts: 923   +283

    This thing can't lock the doors on my car either since they are not electric locks :p
  7. Jim$ter

    Jim$ter TS Booster Posts: 158   +32

    Sweet... I hope its a good price...This will be a great thing to have with my up and coming teen driver to keep him honest!
  8. Is everyone blind to the fact that Verizon will surely have a back-door capability of shutting your car down when ever they want? Think about how many people they could sell this data to. If Verizon sold your pre-recorded speeds to your car insurance company I bet they'd love to increase your premium for speeding! Think about it.
  9. Forgot to pay your Verizon bill ? BAM! Car locked untill you pay.

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