Following up from Qualcomm's introduction of StreamBoost last week we're now starting to see the first devices to take advantage of the technology. Today at CES Qualcomm introduced a range of wireless networking products, including the Gaming Router 5000, which supports the latest 802.11ac specification as well as intelligent bandwidth allocation via its built-in GameFuel with StreamBoost engine.

The latter is similar to Quality of Service (QoS) but much more intelligent. According to Qualcomm, StreamBoost can learn the characteristics of an application over time and change the way its bandwidth prioritization works accordingly. So, rather than having applications trying to grab as much bandwidth as they can, or assigning them a percentage of download priority at all times, StreamBoost will attempt to give each what they need at any given time to ensure a lag-free experience. The feature includes a user-friendly interface offering a graphical view of how bandwidth is used throughout an entire home network.

Besides this feature you can look forward to up to 1300Mbps Wi-Fi data rates when used with compatible 802.11ac devices (there's not a lot of them right now), or up to a theoretical 900Mbps over 802.11n using the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously. There are also four Gigabit ports, one USB port to host a storage device or a printer, and standard technologies like VPN pass through, UPnP support, and WPS.

The D-Link Gaming Router will be available in the Spring of 2013 for $269.

Also unveiled at the show was the new SharePort Go II (DIR-508L), which the company refers to as a "travel router". This pocket-sized device can function as an access point, a repeater, or can be used to create a Wi-Fi hotspot by hooking it up to the Internet via Ethernet or 3G and 4G USB modems.

Its USB port as well as a SDXC card slot can also be used to plug a storage device and access videos, music, photos and other files from Android or iOS devices via the SharePort companion app. The tiny router comes with a built-in 4000 mAh battery that supports up to 8 hours of operation. It will be available in April for $120.