T-Mobile is looking to become the nation's "uncarrier" by making a series of moves aimed at easing the usual pains customers experience with rival wireless providers – things such as high costs, complexity of contracts and congested networks. Last month the company announced it would kill smartphone subsidies and switch to "value plans" where the phone price is detached from the plan price. Now, they're continuing their push into the value segment by offering its unlimited everything plan without a contract.

Starting today, T-Mobile customers will have access to a $70 plan with no contract that includes unlimited voice calling, messaging and data with no caps or overages. The plan has been available since summer for customers with monthly plans but now there's no need for a long term commitment anymore.

Right now, Sprint is the only other carrier to still offer an unlimited voice, data, and messaging plan, but it's priced at $109.99 per month with a two-year contract. That said, a similar no-contract, unlimited everything plan for $70-a-month called Sprint As You Go will launch later this month.

During his CES presentation T-Mobile CEO John Legere also announced that their HD Voice technology is now up and running on their nationwide network, and said their LTE network is coming within a few weeks, with plans to cover 100 million people with LTE by mid-year and over 200 million by the end of the year.

Lastly, T-Mobile introduced its 4G Connect plan for laptops and tablets with built-in broadband chips from Qualcomm, including the HP Pavilion dm1, Dell Inspiron 14z and Windows RT devices. Under the plan users can get up to 200MB of free data with no contract or committment and purchase additional data at $10 per GB.

Image source: NY Times Bits Blog