As if Samsung’s curved OLED television set wasn’t enough to attract attention at CES, the company took things one step further just a day later by showing off a prototype smartphone with a flexible display. Developed under the “YOUM” line, the panel is constructed of a thin piece of plastic that is said to be virtually unbreakable even if dropped.

Brian Berkeley, Samsung’s senior vice president of display, thinks that flexible displays will begin to change how people interact with handheld devices and could even open up new lifestyle possibilities. He told conference attendees that it will allow their partners to create a whole new ecosystem of devices.

The nameless prototype on hand during Samsung’s keynote featured a display that extended over the edge of the handset, allowing the user to quickly read a text message or stock ticker on the edge of the phone instead of having to pull the handset out for a full front-on view.

Samsung wasn’t very forthcoming with specifications but we do know the display was roughly five inches and carried a 16:9 aspect ratio at “about” 720p quality. Furthermore, the proof of concept wasn’t a true phone as it didn’t have a wireless radio, camera or even an operating system.

The Verge spent some time with the device after the presentation and noted that it certainly felt like a prototype, specifically pointing out its plastic construction and how it felt hollow inside. Executives didn’t spend a ton of time talking about it but with any luck, we may see more of it at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona.