Samsung showcased their upcoming eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor last week during the Consumer Electronics Show. The Korean electronics giant didn't delve deeply into specifications like the GPU, leaving many enthusiasts to make educated guesses as to exactly what the package will contain.

That is exactly what the guys at Anandtech have done with regards to the graphics subsystem on the next generation mobile processor. They ultimately came to the conclusion based on feedback from multiple sources that it likely will ship with a PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU clocked at 533MHz instead of the ARM Mali-T604 package found in the Exynos 5 Dual.

As the publication correctly points out, the PowerVR SGX 544MP3 is very similar to the 543 used in Apple's A5/A5X chip but with the addition of DirectX 10 texturing support and a triangle setup that is twice as fast. The unified shader ALU count, however, remains the same but thanks to the high clock speed, we should see the Exynos 5 Octa fall somewhere between the A5X and the A6X with regards to overall graphics performance.

Samsung wasn't as shy when speaking about the CPU side of the chip at the show, revealing that the eight-core package will consist of four high-end Cortex-A15 cores for intensive tasks like gaming as well as four mid-class Cortex-A7 cores to handle lighter loads like texting, e-mail and web browsing. The package will use ARM's big.Little architecture to manage the two sets of cores which will reportedly make the Exynos 5 Octa 70 percent more efficient than what is available today.