Rumor has it that one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world is preparing to release a Chromebook in just a few short months. It’s widely known that Acer and Samsung have similar machines based on Google’s popular OS but now according to TheStreet, we can also add Lenovo’s name to the mix.

Some would likely argue that Lenovo jumping into the fray is more compelling than Acer and Samsung’s involvement combined due to their reputation as a provider of business / enterprise-class systems. It would be a huge boon for Lenovo if they could get business users on board with the idea of a low cost notebook solution.

The publication believes that Lenovo could begin selling a Chromebook as early as May 16 (seems like a pretty specific date) starting at just $299. A machine with beefier specifications could push that price tag up to $499. We’re told to look for screen sizes of 11.6- inch, 12.5-inch, 13-inch and 14-inch. As Neowin points out, it’s one thing to test the waters with a single Chromebook but the idea that Lenovo could release several models shows they are truly committed to the idea.

While there’s little reason for Microsoft to be concerned at this point, that could easily change in the next few quarters should the Chromebook revolution actually pick up steam. It’s all reminiscent of the netbook trend from a few years ago but as we all know, that train left the station many moons ago and hasn’t looked back. Could the Chromebook be the new and more successful netbook?