Google unveiled their augmented reality visor known as Project Glass last spring. A few months later during Google’s developer conference, attendees were given the option to purchase a pre-production model of the headset for a staggering $1,500 which the search giant promised to deliver early this year.

It’s now early 2013 and right on cue, Google is making good on that promise – sort of. While the kit isn’t being shipped out to those that signed up for Project Glass Explorer Edition just yet, the company is inviting early backers to a two-day hackathon to test out the kit.

Google will be hosting an event in San Francisco on January 28 and 29 followed by a second gathering of developers on February 1 and 2 in New York. As we understand it, both events, aptly called Glass Foundry,  will pretty much contain the same agenda – getting developers familiar with the Project Glass API and writing code for it - so picking the option that is closest or most convenient seems to be the best approach.

The first day will be used to introduce developers to Glass and give them an opportunity to use it on-site. From there, attendees will have a look at the Mirror API then dive into development with Google engineers at their side to answer any questions. The company will then host a competition to select the best demo created by developer attendees – selected by special guest judges, of course.

The invitation notes that there is limited space so in the event that you pre-ordered Google Glass Explorer Edition and want to attend, you should probably get in contact with them ASAP.