Based on the statistics available for all of the past Humble Bundles offered, a few sweeping generalizations can be made: Windows gamers are numerous but cheap while Mac users aren't afraid to shell out a little extra. Interestingly though, Linux users who tend to live by a mantra of free and open software are the most generous of all, offering on average almost twice as much as Windows users.

Now, this may not be a new observation, but after a long list of bundles spanning a couple of years, not once has this pattern broken. Windows users, Mac users and Linux users have all stayed within their archetypes for every bundle produced.

For all bundles, on average, Windows users ponied up $6.22. Mac and Linux users dispensed $8.34 and $11.05, respectively. The average Windows gamer offered roughly 11 percent less than the mean bundle sale. Meanwhile, Mac  and Linux users paid 17 and 37 percent above baseline.

The Humble Bundle – in case you don't already know – is a name-your-own-price collection of indie (and sometimes not-so-indie) games, but sometimes includes eBooks, music and other digital goods. It's an interesting idea which started in 2010, allowing buyers with empty wallets to snag several games for one cent while yacht-owning business moguls can drop several grand on the exact same items... if they want.

Despite there being essentially no minimum though, the average price paid per bundle for all users is just shy of $7. Apparently, not every gamer is a total free-loader. Sales are split between developers and charities and thus far, the Humble Bundle has raised approximately $10.2 million. Supported charities include the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Child's Play, American Red Cross, Charity: water, World Land Trust and Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.