In response to Google's desertion of Exchange ActiveSync, rumors indicate Microsoft is working on support for CardDAV and CalDAV protocols for WP8. Such a move should retain WP8's seamless support for Google's contact and calendar services, but do so through open standards rather than Exchange-based protocols. It's unclear if these changes will be released in time for Google's January 31 deadline, however.

In December, Google announced the discontinuation of Google Sync, Google Calendar Sync and non-business support for Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync protocol. The search giant ditched EAS in favor of essentially three open protocols which, when combined, provide similar functionality: IMAP (for e-mail synchronization), CardDAV (contacts) and CalDAV (calendar). As a result, Windows Phone 8's integral EAS support for Google Contacts and Google Calendar will be broken beginning Feb 1.

EAS is a proprietary Microsoft technology which allows compatible software and devices to synchronize calendars, contacts, notes, e-mail and more. While there may not be an open standard which replaces all of those features as richly as EAS and combines them into a single package, open protocols like CalDAV, CardDAV and IMAP handle calendars, contacts and e-mail quite nicely.

When Google ditched EAS, Microsoft responded somewhat unfavorably, claiming to be "surprised" by Google's decision. Interestingly, despite Redmond's unwitting response, the rumor also indicates Google told Microsoft in advance, giving Redmond about 45 days to prepare before the announcement went public.

The same rumor also suggests the software-maker Microsoft requested a six month extension. Purportedly, people in the know are saying Google has yet to offer any additional time, however.