Microsoft rumored to add CalDAV, CardDAV support to WP8


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In response to Google's desertion of Exchange ActiveSync, rumors indicate Microsoft is working on support for CardDAV and CalDAV protocols for WP8. Such a move should retain WP8's seamless support for Google's contact and calendar services, but do so through open standards...

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Google still pays for EAS. They are just withdrawing support for it, in a move that will only harm consumer windows phone users. In other news, Google does not use CalDAV,CardDAV and IMAP for it's own Android mails and calendars. They use a proprietary protocol that only Google is able to use. EAS is proprietary but it's also open for use by anyone that wants to use it. So this isn't about openness and fairness.


I would really like to see MS add CalDAV and CardDAV support to Outlook. That would be news.


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IMAP is antiquated and generally an awful protocol. I don't understand why Google insists on using it.