THX, the company behind the audio reproduction standard that's been in existence as we know it for 12 years, has released a calibration app for iPhone and iPad designed to help consumers get the best out of their audio / video equipment. Considering how much some people tend to spend on building out their home theater, making sure you get the most out of your investment should be a no-brainer.

The app works in one of two ways: by connecting directly to your system using an Apple Digital AV adapter or wirelessly through an Apple TV. From there, you can use the camera on your device to correctly set a number of parameters on your television like color, tint, aspect ratio, brightness and contrast. We are told the app can even dish out tips on proper room lighting and viewing distance based on the size of your screen.

The THX app is also able to determine if your speakers are properly connected and verify if a specific speaker is pumping out the correct audio in a surround sound setup.

The company points out that the solution isn't perfect but it does work with any component brand and odds are, you'll end up with sound and a picture that's better than what comes out of the box. The app is available free of charge through February 4. After that, it'll be priced at $1.99. Android users will unfortunately have to wait until the spring to get their hands on the app.