GPU specifications of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 are now online courtesy of tech site VGleaks. This is the same publication that revealed specs on the console's CPU a couple of weeks ago. If accurate, we now have a complete picture of what Microsoft's next generation gaming console will look like when it debuts in a few months.

In addition to having an 800MHz GPU clock, the publication lists a wealth of other detailed information pertaining to the graphics subsystem. Rather than typing out every single detailed specification, that information can be found in the chart below.

We are told that the GPU has 32MB of fast embedded ESRAM which will be free of many of the restrictions that accompanied the EDSRAM on the Xbox 360. The subsystem is capable of rendering to surfaces in main RAM, texturing from ERAM and reading back from render targets without performing a resolve.

Furthermore, the Xbox 720 is expected to include a two stage caching system. This consists of four L2 caches with 128KB each that generally acts as a write-back cache. Each shader core is paired with its own 16KB L1 cache that typically acts as a write-through cache. VLGleaks also claim the GPU can support 2x, 4x and 8x MSAA antaliasing.

We still anticipate Microsoft will debut the new console during the E3 expo in June. If you recall, Sony will be hosting a PlayStation media event on February 20 where we expect to see them announce the PlayStation 4.