Music streaming services may be on the rise these days, but apparently that isn't doing much to slow down Apple's dominance with its a-la-carte model. The Cupertino-based firm today announced it has sold over 25 billion songs on its iTunes Store since it launched in 2003, which means a five billion song purchases were made in the roughly five months since the company announced its last milestone.

The 25 billionth song, "Monkey Drums" (Goksel Vancin Remix) by Chase Buch, was purchased by Phillip Lüpke from Germany who will receive a €10,000 iTunes Gift Card.

Apple took the opportunity to throw a few other impressive figures at us, with the company's VP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue noting that iTunes is averaging 15,000 song sales per minute, and the service's reach has grown to 119 countries around the world with a catalog of over 26 million songs.

Apple's iTunes has become the number one music retailer in the world in its relatively short 10-year run. And while selling 25 billion songs is a huge milestone, that's just part of the story for the platform, which has also logged over 40 billion app downloads since 2008 – almost half of them in 2012.