Intel has finally confirmed after months of speculation that they are developing an Internet TV service as well as a set-top box. The admission comes courtesy of Erik Huggers, corporate vice president at Intel Media, during a recent chat with All Things D.

Huggers told the publication that they have been setting up a group called Intel Media for about a year now. He said it is a new division with new people that have been hired away from Apple, Google and Netflix. The group is being tasked with building the best Internet television service ever.

We are told that this will be a new consumer electronics product under a new brand that will offer consumers a set-top box purchased directly from them. Naturally, it will be an Intel-powered device with what Huggers described as a fantastic industrial design. Much like Apple has been rumored to be doing, Intel is trying to work with the entire industry to get live television to consumers over the web.

The device will be an all-in-one solution that will include live television, on-demand programming and even apps. As the executive points out, Rome wasn't built in a day so consumers should expect it to take some time to get everything ironed out and rolled into a single package.

That said, he believes we can expect to see the Intel Internet TV service and set-top box launch sometime by the end of this year.