Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom recently announced via Twitter that the ambitious successor to MegaUpload is now accepting Bitcoin as payment. Members can purchase cloud storage space using the virtual currency through Bitvoucher.

As TNW notes, users now have six different options when purchasing services through Bitvoucher. The Mega Pro I package will consist of 500GB of data storage and 1TB of bandwidth for 0.5184 Bitcoin per month or 5.1888 Bitcoin per year. The Tier II package includes 2TB of data storage and 4TB bandwidth for 1.0373 Bitcoin per month or 10.3781 Bitcoin annually. Finally, the Tier III bundle includes 4TB of data storage and 8TB bandwidth per month for 1.5563 Bitcoin per month or 15.5674 Bitcoin per year.

If you aren't familiar, Bitcoin in a virtually untraceable alternative form of currency that has no ties to a central government or bank. It can be used to pay for services or goods in the online world as well as in the real world.

Dotcom further goes on to say that Mega plans to expand from a simple cloud storage solution to include services like secure e-mail, chat & voice, video and "mobile" - whatever that might mean. He points out that services like Gmail, iCloud and Skype have to provide secret and untraceable NSA backdoors to your data. Services offered by Mega would be untraceable based on such statements.

In other Mega-related news, Dotcom highlights the fact that it took Dropbox two years to gain 3 million registered users. Mega was able to accomplish the same task in just four weeks - rather impressive.