Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took to the company's official blog earlier today to announce a new homepage design. The executive describes the redesign as a more modern experience that's more intuitive and personal that'll help bring you the very best that the web has to offer.

A popular web destination with more than 700 million monthly visitors, Yahoo has been in need of a facelift for ages. The site retained the dated layout that helped bring it to prominence over the years but most agreed that it was time for something new. With Mayer now at the helm, that is exactly what the new Yahoo is.

As the New York Times highlights, Mayer has done away with the low quality advertising and replaced it with useful features like an "infinite" Twitter-like news feed and a content stream from Facebook friends. The site is now optimized for smartphones and tablets and thanks to some behind-the-scenes improvements, it's now faster than ever.

There's a new Trending Now section that shows visitors what's popular at any given moment. The company's familiar services links can still be found on the left side of the page while widgets like stocks and weather can be customized to the user's preference.

Mayer notes that the site will be rolling out to US users over the next few days. The company plans to make continued changes and improvements over the coming months, noting that today is just the beginning of what's to come.