All eyes in the mobile world are on Nvidia's upcoming Tegra 4 processor. The hardware maker wisely showcased the chip's performance potential this week at Mobile World Congress and it came as little surprise that the quad-core Cortex-A15 processor and 72-core GPU were able to thoroughly trounce current generation competition.

Qualcomm, the company's biggest competitor in the market, isn't concerned one bit. The company's senior vice president of product management Raj Talluri told The Verge earlier today that while Qualcomm is more focused on shipping products than refuting competitors' benchmarks, they still believe the Snapdragon 800 processor easily beats the Tegra 4.

He said Nvidia's offering may be impressive but the 800 series chip is so much more integrated, likely due to the fact that it has an LTE modem built right into the silicon die. The new Snapdragon part can also encode and decode 4K content as evident by a demo shown to the publication on-site. If you've ever tried to run a 4K video on your desktop computer, you're likely well aware of how taxing it can be.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 is already lined up for more than 50 upcoming products. The quad-core 2.3GHz chip is expected to show up in several more devices later this year. If you recall, the 600 series chip is just around the corner with phones like the HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro set to launch very soon. This year is certainly gearing up to be an exciting one for hardcore mobile enthusiasts.