Rovio has released an update to Bad Piggies that delivers 30 new levels to the popular mobile title. The new maps are part of a bundle called Flight in the Night but the new content doesn't stop there as players also have access to new Road Hogs events, a new sandbox and additional achievement features.

Rather than giving players a basic map pack, Rovio has taken things one step further with the 30 new levels by infusing them with Angry Birds. True to its name, the Flight in the Night maps take place after the sun has set when the Angry Birds are sound asleep. You'll need to pilot the pigs to their destination without disturbing the sleeping fowl as they are extremely territorial. One false move and they will attack!

Aside from the 30 new maps, Rovio also included six new time trial events that pit you against the clock, a brand new sandbox to exercise your creativity and six additional achievements to try and collect.

The Angry Birds spinoff was released last September, quickly climbing the App Store ladder to become one of the top grossing apps less than 24 hours after it was released. Instead of catapulting various species of birds, Bad Piggies lets you build contraptions to transport the green pigs from point A to point B. It's somewhat reminiscent of the Incredible Machine series from the '90s albeit with a twist.

The update is available free of charge for the regular version as well as HD variants through your respective app marketplace.