The Galaxy S4 hasn't even seen the light of day yet we are already hearing rumblings about the next, next big thing from Samsung. That device is said to be the successor to the Galaxy Note II which is tipped to carry a massive 5.9-inch OLED screen, according to a Samsung official speaking on condition of anonymity with The Korea Times.

The smartphone will be powered by Samsung's new Exynos eight-core processor although we are told not to expect flexible display technology at this stage in the game.

The device is expected to be unveiled in the latter half of the year as part of Samsung's plans to solidify their position in the rapidly-growing phablet market, the publication said. Rivals Huawei and ZTE have both introduced larger-than-average handsets, seemingly moving into Samsung's turf.

Phones with larger displays appear to be the hot trend in 2013 as Asus, LG, Samsung and Sony all have models in the pipeline with 5-inch screens or larger. Despite this shift, however, Apple's iPhone 5S is still expected to carry the same 4-inch display that debuted on the handset last year.

A top-ranked executive at one of Samsung's parts suppliers told the paper that despite the fact that phones with a 5-inch to 6-inch display are stretching the limits of traditional pockets, well-made phablets using bezel-less designs have been warmly received. The person said users prefer bigger phones and they use them more often. As such, Samsung will be more focused on larger phones moving forward.