Details about Samsung's next generation Galaxy smartphone continue to trickle in as we're just over a week away from the big reveal. The latest news on the Galaxy S4 comes courtesy of Samsung executive vice president of mobile Y.H. Lee and has to do with the materials used to build the phone.

During an interview with CNET, Lee said the company's next flagship smartphone will carry over the use of plastic building materials like we have seen with other recent Samsung mobile products. He told the publication that when Samsung considers what materials to use for a product, they don't just take into consideration the aesthetic quality of the device. They try to strike a balance between practical demands and the desire for a premium-feeling product.

Because Samsung knows they will be required to ship a large quantity of a particular product, they also assess how quickly and efficiently it can be manufactured. Furthermore, the company believes that a plastic back cover is more durable than ones found on other smartphones because it is bendable and can absorb physical shock better than the competition.

The admission comes at a time when other manufacturers like Apple and HTC are using premium materials like glass and aluminum to stand out among the sea of plastic phones already on the market. Even Nokia is stepping up their game with a polycarbonate shell for the Lumia available in a number of different colors.