Most probably never expected to see another game in the Saints Row franchise after THQ went belly-up late last year but things started looking up when it was revealed the following month that Koch Media purchased the rights to the game's developer, Volition. Today the game's publisher has released a trailer for Saints Row 4 complete with release date.

The fast-paced trailer is loaded with in-game footage which may require a couple of views to process completely. If you're new to the series, Saints Row is an open-world sandbox that's loosely based on the Grand Theft Auto franchise but with a lot more craziness.

As the storyline goes, the Third Street Saints have become leaders of the free world after their boss was elected president of the United States. But things quickly turn bad when a catastrophic alien invasion occurs and the characters are transported into a Steelport simulation. Players will have access to insane superpowers and alien weapons to try and fend off the attack.

Of course, there is still plenty of in-game theatrics that Saints Row fans have come to love like graphic nudity and characters clad in dominatrix-style clothing. After all, the game contains elements of the canceled standalone expansion pack Enter the Dominatrix and we are told that there will be a director's cut released as a DLC at some point.

The game will hit stores on August 20 in North America and August 23 everywhere else for the PC and current-generation consoles. No word yet if the title will eventually make its way to next generation consoles, however.