What do you get when you take two of the most successful survival horror franchises and put them in a blender? We aren’t entirely sure either but we’ll find out soon enough as Capcom and Valve have decided to create a Resident Evil 6 / Left 4 Dead 2 crossover.

Crossovers aren’t anything new for Capcom as we’ve seen them create similar mashups with Street Fighter characters battling it out against Marvel and Tekken characters in the past. This time around, however, we will see Left 4 Dead 2 characters show up exclusively in Resident Evil 6 and vice-versa.

In Resident Evil 6, gamers will be able to play as Coach, Ellis, Nick or Rochelle in the game mode The Mercenaries No Mercy. What’s more, L4D staples like The Witch and the Mini Take will be making an appearance. The same holds true in L4D2 as RE6 enemies will be imported into the game.

The good news is that both of these DLCs will be available free of charge as a gift although console gamers need not apply as this will be a PC exclusive. Naturally, the two studios are also hoping the crossover will increase sales of both titles. As we understand it, the DLC will be available starting April 5.

Perhaps more telling here is Valve’s willingness to work with Capcom on one of their largest franchises. With other crossover titles like Nintendo’s Fire Emblem / Shin Megami in the works, could we could be looking at an emerging strategy in the industry?