Microsoft is launching a new feature starting April 1 that will reward gamers for doing what they love most: playing games. It's called MyPunchcard and it works by rewarding players with freebies or incentives for playing select titles via Xbox Live according to a post on the subject from Microsoft's Major Nelson.

Here's how it works. If you play 20 hours of any combination of Arcade games, you will receive a free avatar item. Those who purchase any four Arcade titles for 400 Microsoft Points or more over Xbox Live will receive a free one month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Finally, spend 3200 Microsoft Points on Arcade games and receive 800 Microsoft points in return.

Major Nelson further uses the announcement to highlight several new games launching next month. These include BattleBlock Theater, Double Dragon II, Motocross Madness, Sacred Citadel, God Mode and Monaco. The new titles are in addition to a bevy of hit titles already available such as Minecraft, Terraria, Trials Evolution, Counterstrike: GO, Castle Crashers, The Walking Dead and LIMBO, just to name a few

Naturally, the promotion is only open to Xbox Live Gold members that are also Rewards Members. If you aren't already a Rewards Member, you can sign up by clicking here. It's unclear if the promotion will be an ongoing affair or if it will expire at the end of April. Either way, it's a good opportunity to get some freebies if you're an avid Arcade game player.