Samsung is preparing a new line of massive smartphones known as the Galaxy Mega. The first two handsets to carry this branding will ship with a 5.8-inch and a 6.3-inch display, respectively, according to an inside source as reported by SamMobile. It had previously been rumored that the Galaxy Note III would carry a 6.3-inch screen but that no longer appears to be Samsung's strategy if this recent tidbit is to be believed.

The publication notes the Galaxy Mega 5.8 carries the codename GT-19152 while the larger Galaxy Mega 6.3 is codenamed GT-19200. We are told the 5.8-inch model will be available in white only and launch around May 27 while the 6.3-inch device will ship in white and black a few weeks later - perhaps around June 17.

Such rumors might otherwise go unpublished had it not been for some supporting evidence that was uncovered last month. During the Galaxy S4's unveiling, Samsung released some information about a Game Pad that can be used with select smartphones. Of particular interest was the revelation that it supports screen sizes up to 6.3-inches which just happens to be the same size as the Galaxy Mega 6.3 in today's rumor.

Phones in this size range would essentially fill in any gaps between traditional mobile phones and tablets. It'll ultimately be up to Samsung to determine whether or not these will be high-end devices or mid-range handsets as previously rumored. Given the dates listed above are semi-accurate, we should hear more about the Galaxy Mega in the coming months.