A scientist from Tehran, Iran, claims to have invented a machine that can predict the future of an individual with 98 percent accuracy. 27-year-old Ali Razeghi, managing director of Iran's Centre for Strategic Inventions, said the device uses a complex set of algorithms to predict anywhere between five and eight years of a person's life.

Razeghi, a man with 179 other inventions under his belt, said he has been working on The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine for the last 10 years. The machine is small enough to fit inside a personal computer case. It won't take people to the future but it will bring the future to you, he said.

The inventor intends to market the device to states as well as individuals once it reaches mass production. He said that Iran's government could predict military confrontation with enemy nations and forecast fluctuations with regard to foreign currencies and oil prices.

Friends and family have allegedly criticized the project for "trying to play God" with people's lives and history. Razeghi noted the device isn't meant to meddle with religious values at all. What's more, he said Americans are spending millions trying to create something he has already invented at a fraction of the cost.

A prototype isn't being release just yet because they believe the Chinese will steal the idea and mass produce it overnight. Naturally, we'll remain skeptical until the device is successfully demonstrated to the public.