Only a couple of weeks away from NV35 announcement, The Inq reports the only major modification will be the memory controller (support for DDR I) compared to current FX cards, running at 450 MHz will give the new chips about 28.8 GB/sec bandwidth while NV30 had only 16 GB/s. Of course, just like you I'm waiting to see how will these perform in real world applications.

SiS would spin off their graphics chip division soon as a new subsidiary under the name of Tu Chiang Technology. SiS are the developers of Xabre graphics chips that target low-end OEM market.

Hewlett-Packard, co-inventor of Intel's new Itanium processor line, will begin selling workstations with Microsoft's new Itanium version of Windows in mid-May.

VIA has announced two design wins for its Envy24PT audio controller for high-end solutions from Chaintech and Albatron... I wonder if this chip is half as good as the HT version used in popular M-Audio's soundcards, I've already heard stories of users doing quite well with quality built-in audio.

PDA sales have lowered by a stunning 11.1% compared to a year ago, while Palm keeps on top of things, Sony has been gaining ground and Dell seems well positioned, too, for the few months they have been selling PDAs, that is.

Now, one for gamers... Konami has announced a PC port for the popular Silent Hill PS2 franchise, it'll be the new third iteration of the game that will make it to the PC, with improved graphics, too.