Mailbox, the heavily hyped and extremely popular iPhone app for managing your Gmail account, recently announced that it’s coming soon to the iPad. Clients for Android and desktop are reportedly in the works as well. The company, which was recently acquired by Dropbox, has given no ETA for the release but has been responding to users via Twitter letting them know that “the iPad version is coming soon!”

Questions about the Android and desktop versions were met with even more ambiguous responses such as, “[there is] no certain timeline yet, but other platforms are coming down the road.”

It’s no surprise that the iPad app is apparently the closest to release, as it’s written in the same Objective-C language and for the same iOS platform as the existing iPhone app. It will likely only need to have the user interface adjusted for the larger viewport of the iPad, rather than be completely rewritten.

Another bit of exciting news for fans of the app is the myriad of non-committal but optimistic hints that “iCloud and other accounts may be added as we grow,” which Mailbox also reported via Twitter. The stability and resources of Dropbox will presumably accelerate the rate at which Mailbox is able to develop and incorporate new functionalities into the application, like IMAP and other features that have been frequently requested.

While they haven’t confirmed which mail providers they will ultimately support, they have said they are looking into Exchange, Hotmail, and iCloud, among others. As of April 16, Mailbox is available without having to wait in line for access, and has been setup by over one million users.