Whenever Apple is up to something new, you can rest assured that plenty of rumors will lead up to the company's official announcement. A new version of OS X is certainly no exception. 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman is reporting on some interesting new features for OS X 10.9, which is reportedly codenamed "Cabernet."

Finder looks to be the main component of OS X 10.9 to receive big changes. The report points at the introduction of tags and tabbed browsing, making it easier for users to get access to their files and folders within the OS. Currently these features are available but only with the help of third-party mods and tweaks.

The report claims that multitasking on the Mac will feel distinctively more iOS-like, with Apple possibly implementing app-pausing technologies to halt background application processes in OS X 10.9.

As one would expect, a new version of Safari is to be included with the upcoming operating system release. This new version will be focused on a redesigned backend, which should improve page loading speed and the overall performance.

Another possible improvement involves Mission Control on set ups with more than one display. With OS X 10.9, users may finally be able to place and control full screen apps on external displays.

Previously rumored features such as Siri Integration and iOS Maps may not be included in this update, according to this latest report. Apple is likely to make the new version of OS X official at WWDC in June, so we will find out for sure what new features are coming soon enough.