Nokia has invited members of the press to a conference on May 14 where they plan to reveal the next chapter in the Lumia story. The Finnish handset maker didn’t outline exactly what we will see but rumors point to a Windows-based tablet, among other things.

Sources indicate the slate could run either Windows 8 or Windows RT. Other rumored specifications include a 10.1-inch display operating at a lowly 1,366 x 768 resolution, a 1GHz processor (likely a dual-core chip) and 1GB of RAM. All of this points to a mid-range device at best which may lean more towards Windows RT. The Lumia tablet reportedly measures 256.6×175.3×9.7mm and weighs in at 676g.

In the same respect, Nokia may use the London-based event to launch a new smartphone instead. Recent rumors suggest this could be the Lumia 920 successor, codenamed Catwalk. This phone is expected to be much lighter and thinner than current offerings as it will be constructed of aluminum instead of the typical polycarbonate.

If not the Catwalk, then perhaps we may see Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 handset with a true PureView image sensor inside, codename EOS. Such a device was first rumored to be in the works back in January. It would use an image sensor similar to the 41-megapixel unit found in the 808 PureView.

We’ll keep a close eye on Nokia’s event as they could be prepared to unveil any of these devices – or perhaps something totally new that we didn’t see coming. Any bets on what we might see next month?