Nokia is reportedly working on what is described as a true PureView Windows Phone 8 handset that would ship with a super-high resolution image sensor similar to the 41-megapixel monster found in the 808 PureView. The device, which goes by the codename EOS, will be a high-end addition to the Lumia family according to The Verge.

The publication points out that the phone will be built using lightweight aluminum rather than the usual polycarbonate that recent Lumia Windows Phones have used. The phone will use square edges as well which is said to be part of a fresh design cycle for Lumia handsets.

There’s reason to believe this rumor as we heard rumblings of a similar Nokia handset earlier this month. Codenamed Catwalk, that handset is also expected to use aluminum as a building material. The internal hardware, however, should be in line with the current generation Lumia 920 which means a 4.5-inch display, a dual-core processor, PureView camera technology and 4G LTE connectivity.

The choice of codename is a bit interesting as it could be taken from Canon’s line of digital cameras considering the EOS will use a high-resolution sensor. Of course, that could be a complete coincidence as well.

Either way, we’re told that AT&T will get first dibs on the new Nokia handset sometime later this year. A third mid-range Windows Phone 8 device is expected to debut this summer. With any luck, we could see all three phones on display at Mobile World Congress next month.