Photoshop Touch, while a nice tool to edit photos on a tablet in a pinch, isn't exactly powerful enough for day-to-day use - especially if you are working with RAW files. For that, you'd need something like Lightroom - an application that's capable of giving a mainstream PC a serious workout.

Wouldn't it be great if you could use high-end editing software like this on a slate and leave the notebook at home? That's the thinking behind a new project at Adobe designed to bring the power of Lightroom right to your iPad - with some help from the cloud, of course.

In a recent episode of The Grid, Lightroom boss Tom Hogarty shows off an early build of a Lightroom app on his iPad 2. The app uses Smart Previews to show users the changes that are being made remotely to their photos. Because Lightroom is a CPU-intensive application, all of the image processing is handled in the cloud. Pretty neat, eh?

So what exactly is the prototype software capable of? For starters, users can edit photos taken in RAW format. There's also the ability to zoom in 100 percent on a photo to check for focus and details. Hogarty said he spends a couple of hours commuting on the train, noting it would be nice to be able to sort and select images during the ride.

There's still a good bit of work to be done before it's ready for a consumer release. Hogarty didn't provide a release date for the app but at least we know it's in the pipeline.