The latest iteration in the Angry Birds franchise is now available for download. Angry Birds Friends doesn't deviate far from its roots although this time around, gameplay is centered around competing with friends and family on Facebook.

Rovio first announced the Facebook-connected title a few weeks ago. With Friends, you'll be able to take part in weekly tournaments with new levels, challenges, gifts and daily rewards. Gamers can earn gold, silver and bronze trophies as part of the competition. Anyone that competes will receive a single power-up as a consolation prize, we're told.

The tournament is scheduled to kick off on May 6. Rovio suggested in a recent blog post that gamers go ahead and download the title now to get some practice in before the tourney starts. New tournaments brgin each Monday with a different set of challenges to take part in.

The game is available free of charge for Android version 2.2 and up as well as iOS users on an iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod touch third generation or later and the iPad. Alternately, you can play on your computer using the Facebook app. The game uses your Facebook login credentials so your progress will be maintained regardless of how often you change devices.

What's more, gamers will earn 200 bird coins just for logging in the first time. These coins can be used in-game to achieve special power-ups like the King Sling, Super Seeds, Birdquake or the Wingman.