Looking to discover some new music but perhaps you've grown tired of the usual suspects like Pandora, Grooveshark, Rdio or Spotify? Want a recommendation engine that actually caters to what you are in the mood for? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, perhaps Songza is the app you've been yearning for - even more so after the service's most recent update.

If you are unfamiliar, Songza presents users with a list of Concierge "situations" and asks you to pick the appropriate situation for the type of music you are interested in listening to. For example, you can tap "Working Out" from the main menu, at which time the app will ask you to select a specific genre. The next sub-menu narrows it down even further at which time the music gets started.

The free music streaming and recommendation service now includes a new Concierge feature designed to make finding the right music even easier. With it, you can long press on any situation like "Driving" and Songza will jump right into a custom mix for you. It's great if you need some quick music but don't have time to run through sub-menus... like, when you're driving.

Or if you have a free moment, you can simply shake your device to queue up a request box. From there, type in what kind of music you are in the mood for and let the app do the rest. All of this is in addition to a new user interface that's incredibly minimalistic and easy to use.

Songza is available for download free of charge in the App Store. There's also a version available for Android on Google Play but it hasn't received the aforementioned update as of writing.