Don't want to wait another year for Google Glass to drop? Or perhaps you didn't have $1,500 to spare when the Explorer edition kits were available for pre-order last year? Apparently neither did an Australian techie so he did the next best thing - made his own. Meet Flass, Google Glass' Australian brother.

Ok, so it's nowhere nearly as refined as the real thing but that doesn't mean it's any less impressive. OCAU forum member Ash_Williams designed Flass from the ground up to be a clone of Google Glass. The name, if you hadn't already figured out, is a play on the words "fake" and "glass."

The device is powered by a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 which feeds the display using TV-out to a MyVu Crystal 701. There's also a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth earpiece - all mounted on a pair of standard looking glasses. The designer said he hopes to ultimately use a Raspberry Pi to power the unit instead of the phone so screen power isn't an issue.

The kit will soon be receiving an upgrade, however, as he has a 3D-printed Google Glass frame on the way to use for reference to build an everyday version. The most recent post in the thread (dated May 2) noted that the thread would be updated sometime next week once the Glass replica is in. Additional plans for a future revision include integrating a camera into the system and refining the user interface a bit.