Diablo III’s woes continue as the gold and real-money auction houses have been taken offline by Blizzard after a bug was discovered in the latest patch. Said exploit allowed players to duplicate gold in the auction house with some using the bug to generate billions of in-game currency within minutes.

Blizzard sprang into action with the quickness as the patch was just release yesterday. Within hours, the auction house was taken down but the team realized they needed to bring the game into maintenance to issue a fix. Gold trades were also temporarily disabled in the Americas regions according to an official post on Battle.net

Many outraged gamers called for Blizzard to perform a server rollback but after careful consideration, the team decided against it based on the nature of the dupe, how few players used it and the fact that its effects were limited within the region. Performing a full rollback would impact the community in a greater way as it would require significant downtime and revert progress that legitimate players have made since the patch was released, we’re told.

Blizzard said they have identified accounts that took advantage of the bug and are focusing on taking appropriate actions which may include temporary locks, suspensions and/or bans. As of writing, Blizzard doesn’t have an ETA for when the auction house will come back online or gold trades will be reactivated.

You can download the latest patch for Diablo III here.