During a recent roundtable discussion at the UK Game Horizon conference, Epic Games vice president Mark Rein said next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony will fully embrace the free-to-play model that use in-game purchases to generate revenue. He said both companies are telling developers they are moving in that direction – just another indication of how mobile is influencing the entire industry.

True enough, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida recently noted that his company will explore any and all revenue models with regards to the PlayStation 4. He went on to say they are developing a free-to-play game but aren’t ready to announce it yet.

They don’t have any subscription-based games in the pipeline yet but that model is certainly a possibility. Simply put, if a particular model makes sense for a project, Sony will consider it. This all comes as part of Sony’s strategy to boost investments in the digital side of development which includes digital titles, DLC or other features that come after launch, he said.

We also know of another free-to-play game heading to the PlayStation 4 at some point – Blacklight: Retribution. That title was announced for the PS4 during the Game Developers Conference back in March.

Later during the roundtable, Rein said Microsoft and Sony could learn from Apple and Google on how to make gaming more convenient for players. Specifically, he believes new consoles can improve their interfaces, boost their media center capabilities and by using the cloud, make it easier than ever to access games away from home.