Nokia's Lumia 925 smartphone is now official. As most expected, the device is basically a revised version of the Lumia 920 with improvements in several categories. Most notably, Nokia ditched the polycarbonate shell and replaced it with a more durable (and more attractive) material - aluminum. This is Nokia's first Windows Phone to arrive inside an aluminum chassis.

The handset is also thinner and lighter than the model before it - nearly 50 grams (or 1.8 ounces) lighter, to be exact. On the outside is a 4.5-inch AMOLED display operating at 1,280 x 768 that's covered in Gorilla Glass 2 and an 8.7-megapixel OIS camera. The screen features ClearBlack technology as well as a high-brightness mode that would be suitable outdoors.

The camera, meanwhile, lacks the xenon flash found on the Lumia 928 but tries to make up for that in terms of software enhancements such as Smart Cam, Best Shot, Action Shot and Motion Focus.

Not much has changed inside as we find a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 ticking along at 1.5GHz, 1GB of system memory and a 2,000mAh battery - all carryovers from last year's Lumia 920.

Nokia's latest measures in at just 8.8mm thin but the Finnish handset maker had to ditch built-in wireless charging to achieve this. The feature is still possible but users will need to purchase an accessory cover (available in black, white, red and yellow) to enable it. The phone itself is available in white, grey and black.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is expected to launch in parts of Europe and China starting next month for around 469 euros (about $610). It's also headed stateside although Nokia didn't give a timeline of when this would happen.