A pretty poorly kept secret in mobile gaming is now official as EA's DICE is working on a mobile version of the popular Frostbite game engine according to a recent update on the company's website. Frostbite Go is being developed for all major platforms although only Android and iOS are mentioned specifically.

The post noted that runtime in Frostbite supports a highly scalable model in order to appeal to the diverse array of platforms available on the market today. Key to enabling code and data systems for a wide variety of platforms is efficiency of the runtime memory and runtime performance, DICE said.

The website also points out how the Frostbite team is using their resources. The group, based in Stockholm, is split into six departments: audio, core systems, mobile, physics, production systems and rendering.

We first heard rumblings of a mobile Frostbite platform last October via a job listing. In it, DICE said they were looking for a mobile software editor and just last month, an EA / DICE project manager specifically mentioned a mobile team for Frostbite Go.

DICE originally developed the Frostbite engine way back in 2006. It was used to power Battlefield Bad Company 2 two years later and has been used for numerous Battlefield and Need for Speed games in recent memory. The engine has since been revamped and is being used to develop Battlefield 4 under the Frostbite 3 moniker.