Das Keyboard, one of the most popular mechanical keyboard manufacturers, has announced a new model that eliminates the iconic audible feedback they are most known for. The Model S Professional Quiet utilizes Cherry MX Red switches to produce near-silent operation suitable for office environments and the like.

The Model S Professional before it shipped with your choice of Cherry MX Blue (audible click, firm resistance) or Cherry MX Brown (not quite as noisy, soft resistance) switches. The Cherry MX Red switches, which have been around since 2008, are said to be more linear and not produce much racket.

One of the drawbacks of the Cherry MX Red switches from Das is the fact that they have not yet built blank keycaps for these switches. At present, only the Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown switches are available with blank keycaps. Hopefully Das will bring this feature to the new switches in the near future.

Aside from the key changes, everything else is virtually identical to the previous model. The Quiet includes a PS/2 adapter that allows for full N-key rollover (limited to six-key rollover when using USB). There are also dedicated media controls and an integrated USB 2.0 hub built into the board.

The Model S Professional Quiet is a bit more expensive than previous versions as well. While the Model S Professional and the Model S Ultimate both retail for $139, the near-silent update will set you back an extra $10 when ordered directly from Das.