Das Keyboard launches 'Quiet' mechanical keyboard for office use

Shawn Knight

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Das Keyboard, one of the most popular mechanical keyboard manufacturers on the planet, has announced a new model that eliminates the iconic audible feedback they are most known for. The Model S Professional Quiet utilizes Cherry MX Red switches to...

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The Cherry MX Red switches are said to provide a similar tactical feel without the racket.
Um no, Reds are linear and have no tactile feel and is in no way similar to Blues or Browns.

Also not sure why it would cost more, just the "quiet office" marketing I guess.


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What will they think of next? A suckless vacuum cleaner? Or maybe an alarm clock with a silent alarm.


Next we'll hear das making mice with no buttons on them.... oh wait...

Jad Chaar

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DAS keyboards seem nice. But this (quite version) seems like it ruins the classic clicky mechanical we all know and love.


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Always wanted one of these. I love the regular keyboards, but when I'm trying to be quiet, it gets annoying when there's nothing else to drown the sound out lol.