Four LulzSec hackers have been sentenced in the UK to varying prison stints. The men pleaded guilty to denial-of-service attacks on 20th Century Fox, the CIA, Nintendo, Sony and others and accepted their sentencing as part of a plea bargain.

Jake “Topiary” Davis will spend two years in a young offenders’ facility. Ryan “Viral" Cleary was sentenced to 32 months behind bars but will only serve half of that time. He also pleaded guilty to four other charges including possessing indecent photos of children and hacking Air Force computers. He will be sentenced on those charges at a later date. Both men confessed to their crimes last year.

Ryan “Kayla” Ackroyd was sentenced to 30 years in prison but like Cleary, he will only serve half of his sentence. Mustafa al-Bassam, who went by the online moniker “Tflow”, had a 20 month sentence suspended for two years due to the fact that he was only 16 when he committed the crimes. He must also perform 300 hours of community service and will be monitored for six months. Ackroyd and al-Bassam didn’t enter a guilty plea until last month.

Two other LulzSec members, including Jeremy Hammond, have also been arrested. Hammond allegedly helped hack intelligence company Stratfor although he has yet to be prosecuted.

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