Apple recently released version 11.0.3 of iTunes which includes some new features, enhancements and security updates. Chief among the changes is a revamp of the MiniPlayer, a feature that was first introduced in iTunes 11 back in November of last year.

Download iTunes 11.0.3
Windows 32-bit / 64-bit | Mac OS X

The MiniPlayer can now showcase album artwork in a variety of sizes. The service will not show artwork by default - you'll need to go into the options to enable this manually.

Other changes include a progress bar with an adjustable playhead. There's also a new icon for the audio output button which uses a speaker instead of the AirPlay icon; it's visible even when you aren't hovering over it.  Furthermore, the MiniPlayer can now be expanded to show an entire playlist.

Apple has implemented some performance enhancements when searching through and sorting large iTunes libraries as well. What's more, users now have the ability to view multi-disc albums as a single album.

On the security front, Apple addressed a number of issues including a certificate validation issue on all platforms and issued fixes for some WebKit memory corruption issues. These Windows-specific issues could allow for a man-in-the-middle attack if exploited. A complete list of security updates can be found on Apple's security updates page.

If you weren't a big fan of Apple's major overhaul in iTunes 11, your opinion of the software probably won't change much with this update as it's still largely the same in terms of aesthetics.