Sony has released a teaser video for the upcoming PlayStation 4 on the eve of Microsoft's reveal for the next generation Xbox. The clip, less than a minute in length, opens with an out-of-focus shot of what we presume is the actual PS4 console before showing a series of close-up in-focus shots in rapid succession.

Unfortunately the close-up images don't really give us a good idea of exactly what the system will look like. The fact that Sony didn't actually show what the PS4 will look like during the unveiling was a common complaint among gamers and critics. Microsoft's Major Nelson took to Twitter to publically blast Sony, saying that announcing a console without actually showing a console was "one approach."

About all we could gather as fact from the video is that the PS4 will be black and feature numerous sharp lines. The color scheme isn't exactly a surprise as the controller shown during Sony's media event was also black. What's more, that's the same color scheme that Sony has used since the PlayStation 2 launched more than 13 years ago.

Sony promises that we will learn more about the console at a media event on June 10 on the eve of the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. That's conveniently the same day that Microsoft is planning to "continue the conversation" about the new Xbox as well as reveal their full lineup of games.

Until then, however, we will keep a close eye on tomorrow's event to see what Microsoft has in store for their next generation console.