The mobile messaging business in incredibly competitive. Users not only have the option of using their carrier's default messaging platform, they also have services like WhatsApp, Viber, Google+ Hangouts, and more to choose from. In spite of this there is apparently room for more, as a newer service called MessageMe has amassed an impressive 5 million chatters in the short 75 days since its release on Android and iOS

The app allows people to send pictures, doodles, videos, audio, music, and location information to one person or a group. While these features are not particularly new in the messaging space, it's clear MessageMe's implementation has resonated with users as the platform's rate of growth is nothing short of impressive.

MessageMe offered some other interesting facts about its growth in a blog post. Only 10 days after its launch, the messaging app had 1 million chatters. In the same time period, individuals uploaded an average of two images per second. Now, with 5 million users, eight images are uploaded to the service each second.

With that many people using the app, a tremendous amount of notifications are sent too. The company says it pushes 1500 each second, whereas the number was 500 just 65 days ago when it had 1 million users.

MessageMe has just received a $10 million round of funding led by John Lilly from Greylock Partners and other firms, even though the company has yet to monetize the platform. Sticker and money sending features are on the way, which should generate some income, but they are not activated just yet, as the folks behind MessageMe say they want to attract an even larger amount of users first.